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Davidson Elementary10

Davidson, NC | Mecklenburg County


January 26, 2015

Very disappointing sums it up. We had a great year in 1st grade so we were hopeful for 2nd grade. Everything is about the test score here, which I know is the standard for most schools. I agree with previous posts, something needs to be done about the disruptive kids in the classroom that make the learning environment a negative one for those that actually listen to the teacher. The teacher can't do anything about it, although I could tell she wanted to. That is not the learning environment I want for my kids. I took my boys out of DES before the holidays and are happy at a charter. I wanted to give 1 star, but since 1st grade we had a wonderful class with an amazing teacher I gave 2.

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December 4, 2014

We moved to this school after many issues at another school. The teachers and students welcomed my children. The teachers go beyond the classroom often meeting outside hours and also just checking in on a child. The school promotes diversity. The school is also great at providing unique opportunities: science lab, stability balls instead if chairs, art shows, clubs with experts, a daily running fitness program, etc. the PTO is also a breath of fresh air, no selling magazines or candy here. It is a community, where parents, teachers, and community members serve the children.

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June 22, 2014

Very mixed calibre of teachers coupled with poor leadership; disappointing result for what should be a great school in a great town!

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May 17, 2014

The families, Davidson College student volunteers and community make DES better than the average CMS school. We have 2 children here and have had a pretty good experience. Most of the teachers are wonderful but a few seem to hate their job and it shows through to the kids. One particular teacher does not have the patience required to be teaching young children and has a reputation of screaming at the kids. It's unfortunate that the administration allows this to continue. This school has a long-standing reputation for being one of the better elementary schools in the CMS system but I fear the current leadership isn't strong enough to sustain the quality.

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February 22, 2014

DES is a great school but is unfortunately burdened by ridiculous state and county bureaucratic requirements. Unfortunately the name of the game for public schools is testing and that is the focus of DES as well. The principal does a great job and does what he can to make necessary changes, but at the end of the day he is still subject to the confines of a dysfunctional state political system that keeps dropping in the national rankings. The majority of teachers are caring, motivated and communicate well with the parents. The parental involvement is fantastic.

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February 5, 2014

This school is incredible. I have two daughters that have attended and currently attending this school. One is in middle school and the other is in 4th grade. We have had nothing but positive results from this school. Good grades, teachers with a passion, and an excellent learning environment are SOME things this school offers. A good special needs program is at place, and they even have it set up so that some fifth graders can volunteer to do activities with kids that have autism. They also have clubs that inspire such as clubs of community service, art, computer skills, yearbook, chess, Spanish, and more!

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June 20, 2013

We had one good out of three. Equally, one good teacher out of three. The first 2 years my son was at this school it took staff 2-3 days to respond to emails. I never got feedback on my son's performance until we got his report and noticed A's dropping to B's. The teachers for the most part are very clique-ish. They show obvious preferential treatment to the children whose parents are class parents or are on the PTO. Girls are treated better and boys are treated as nuisances because they are more active. The only time my son thrived at this snobbish school was when he had a male teacher. I was given the impression that academically this school was like a private school - wrong. We had an entire year of one teacher incorrectly grading homework and passing out misspelled assignments in between making the kids write love letters to Obama during the election year.

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February 8, 2013

By the great schools rating requirements, DES falls short. They have a mixed bag of teachers, the principal is inaccessible which shows a lack of committment/leadership (or a sens of entitlement which is worse?!?), and the academic programs are not particularly challenging. These statements are supported by the sheer number of parents who are waiting on the lottery results so that they can ultimately enroll their kids elsewhere. The waiting list for a local charter school(s) are extremely long...everyone seemingly wants out of the CMS system. One troubling attribute of this school is that no one seems to be able to address poor & disruptive behavior in the classroom. Seemingly, they allow a few kids to disrupt entire classrooms, this should not be the case. We bought our house in the school zone based solely on the school ratings....unfortunately, our experience has not been good. My advice is to try like crazy to get in a charter school.

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January 17, 2013

The means in which teachers meet the needs of all students is commendable. The parental involvement in this idyllic town is amazing. A strong sense of community is felt throughout the school and town. One of the greatest things we can give our children is a sense of self and belonging...it can be found at DES.

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December 16, 2012

We are happy with this school. We just shifted our son from North West since last 1 month and found it is better than his previous school. As of now we have no issue. My son is enjoying. Parents are greatly involved in the school.

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November 27, 2012

After 3 months, we have decided to remove our child from DES. The curriculum is a year (or more) behind what our children had in their previous school (northeastern US). I have found that meeting with the teachers and administrator has resulted in questions about my parenting. The feeling is that you should be happy that there is some learning taking place. Ditto sheets, busy work and crowded classrooms with little communication is the norm. Socially, my child has friends and enjoys school but academically, this place is subpar. I feel it's important to recognize that although Davidson Elem seems to be a small town school with a child-centered educational program, it is not. Davidson is one of 200+ schools in the CMS district. Parents wistfully talk of one day getting into a charter school or biting the bullet and paying for private. It is important if you are considering schools as a newcomer to North Carolina that CMS is a factory and their schools reflect that.

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September 26, 2012

Wonderful school! Very organized and we have enjoyed the teachers. This school has the most parent involvement that we have ever seen, and we have two older children in college. Love it!

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February 21, 2012

Wonderful school that does a terrific job meeting student needs. Very high parent involvement, and a warm, friendly atmosphere.

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January 5, 2012

Davidson Elementary comes close to being a truly terrific school but falls short of making the grade. Over the past seven years of attending DES we have had three different principals leave our school. We are now searching for principal number four. Parents are very involved and staff work hard to minimize distractions, but facts are facts. This school is vulnerable due to a high turnover of its leaders. In the future lets hope that DES can recruit and RETAIN its talent. For those of you looking to enroll at DES here are a few strengths and weaknesses I have observed over the years: Strong Points: Teachers are solid in their commitment, Parents are highly involved, Students are well behaved, PTO is providing meaningful enrichment to teachers and students. Weaknesses: A culture of "parent, teacher and classroom popularity contests" sometimes undermines a cohesive staff and team building atmosphere. Parents tend to fuel this culture understandably wanting only the best for their child. Myths abound that the Multiage program is a better program with better teachers, these are only myths! The TD Program greatly lacks transparency into its selection and rejection of students.

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September 13, 2011

We have 2 daughters who have been at DES for the past 3 years and are impressed with the teachers and the leadership. One of our daughters has mild special needs and there has been great collaboration to meet her needs and encourage achievement. Both are doing so well and love school because it is a nurturing and fun environment. The bus system needs improvement, especially monitoring undesirable behavior, but other than that we are greatful and proud of our Tiger community.

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