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Lake Norman Elementary School9

Mooresville, NC | Iredell County


March 18, 2015

Awesome school and great leadership! Doesn't feel like a public school! Caring teachers here can not be matched!

Submitted by a parent

May 6, 2013

Great. Its an excellent school. The teacher, student, principal are very good. Great leadership. Amazing scool

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December 8, 2012

- Excellent teachers - good and caring staff - Nice activities for kids - Public school with higher than private standards - Overcrowding??? Not so much - we do not think of it being an issue

Submitted by a parent

July 10, 2008

I noticed that some of the previous e-mails discussed overcrowding issues. However, a new school was built down the road, so there are now less than 750 students. Hallways are quiet and there's now plenty of space. I have been pleased with my kids' teachers. The school is challenging, yet caring. Great combination!

Submitted by a parent

March 25, 2007

Teacher quality is not consistent in this school. While it has many excellent teachers, it also has staff that would be better suited to non childcare careers. It is however a very safe school and focuses on safety and good citizenship.

Submitted by a parent

January 10, 2006

I found some of the teachers to be less than mediocre, while others to be very good. This school has very few extracurricular activities and no programs for gifted children.

Submitted by a parent

February 23, 2004

This school is excellant even though thereis a severe over crowding issue. I do not fear for the safety of my children while they are there because of the high numbers. The staff is outstanding.

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February 17, 2004

I have been very impressed by this school. My husband and I are professionals and have felt like we have found a school with private school level involvement of parents yet still is a public school. We have 3 children at this school and have been very impressed and pleased with the school staff who treat our children with individual attention, compassion and strengthen our children's love of academics.

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January 16, 2004

This school is completely over crowded, we have over 1125 students. The children are packed in like sardines and safety has been an issue at this school.

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